Artwork Title: Untitled (Hexagonal Composition) - Artist Name: Al LovingArtwork Title: Untitled (Hexagonal Composition) - Artist Name: Al Loving

Untitled (Hexagonal Composition), 1967-1969

Al Loving

An African American collage artist, painter of geometric abstraction and educator, Loving was known for work that explored color and "vibrant counterpoint". He first gained wide public attention with hard-edged geometric paintings in a 1969 solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of Art. His later works became more fluid and were multi-layered, acrylic painted constructions described in a 1974 New York Times Review as "dynamically composed reliefs, wall pieces that energize the space around them, seemingly almost to be caught in the act of moving across the wall." ( Loving was among the second generation of African American artists to produce abstract works. He became a prominent proponent of geometric abstraction during the 1960s, when many African American artists felt social pressure to produce works that reflected the black experience. (


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