Artwork Title: The Lovers - Cancer / Ascension - Artist Name: Alex Dos Diaz

The Lovers - Cancer / Ascension

Alex Dos Diaz, 2015

Family Matters - Affection - Loved Ones - Connection Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and rules over home, family, tradition, and communal activities. The constellation Cancer has evolved since Egyptian times to depict all manner of creatures, but has most commonly been depicted as a crab called Karkinos from the Greek myth involving Hercules and his Twelve Labors. Hera, having sent Karkinos to fight Hercules, was so grateful for his effort that she placed him in the sky. The card depicts Karkinos in a sad state, being gently tended to by Hera. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer personalities are extremely in tune with their emotions. At their best, they may be affectionate and sympathetic, with the desire to give their all to protect what is important to them. When troubled, they may be possessive, smothering, overly sensitive, and easily hurt. In a reading, a person may take on some of Cancer’s tendencies. Upright, one should pay special attention to matters of the home and family. Reaching out to loved ones is especially important at this time. Often a person’s loved ones are their greatest allies in times of joy or hardship. Now is a great time to refresh the bond between relations. Reversed, a person may find themselves battling a wave of self pity or insecurity, potentially brought on by a lack of social outlets or connections to their kin or peers. Interacting with an active community and playing a participatory role in an engaged social group is essential. Feeling purposeful and connected to others may be all that is needed to get back on track.
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