Artwork Title: Georgia O’Keeffe - Artist Name: Alfred StieglitzArtwork Title: Georgia O’Keeffe - Artist Name: Alfred Stieglitz

Georgia O’Keeffe, 1918

Alfred Stieglitz

In his first three years of photographing O’Keeffe, when their relationship was new, Stieglitz made a number of images of her nude, or partially clothed. He eroticized her body, emphasizing the flow of her arms, her long-fingered hands, her breasts, and her buttocks. Sometimes she wore a nearly transparent white kimono. The garment’s associations in Western imagination with geishas and sexual exoticism amplify the intimate nature of these photographs. O’Keeffe did not wear a kimono again for a photographer until her photo session with Bruce Weber some 65 years later.


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