Artwork Title: Portrait of Dick Bagley - Artist Name: Alice NeelArtwork Title: Portrait of Dick Bagley - Artist Name: Alice Neel

Portrait of Dick Bagley, 1946

Alice Neel

Alice Neel's dramatic paintings of fellow voyagers through the tribulations of 20th Century existence have always provided a telling alternative to the glib trivialities of the majority of modern artists whether realist or abstract... ...The exhibition was curated by Linda Weintraub, who made many visits to Neel's studio in upper Manhattan in the process of selecting works that she describes as "crammed in dark corners, in closets, behind couches, covered in dust and cobwebs. I was like Columbus, discovering so many works so little seen. I felt they were something worth sharing."... Alice Neel's vision of life has generally been a darker one, a not unexpected reaction, as the artist sought to keep alive her humanity and individuality in a time seemingly intent on devouring both qualities in everyone. Houses and many -- though not all... (,_Expressionist_Figure_Painting,_Bard_College_%281983%29.html)


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