Artwork Title: El Galgos (The Grayhounds) - Artist Name: Amadeo De Souza Cardoso

El Galgos (The Grayhounds)

Amadeo De Souza Cardoso, 1911

In this first work from 1911, suggestions of Art Nouveau are denoted in the curved and undulating lines and the aristocratic motif of the grayhounds superimposed in black and white; while the "barbaric" patterning of two hares running suggest the assimilation of the formal languages of his great friend Modigliani, and anticipates Art Deco, of which he emerged as a pioneer. The pure colors, in smooth, flat paints, deviate from academic modelling and chiaroscuro, as well as the intense yet simplified motif of the rising sun adding a touch of modernity to an early painting, which is essentially decorative (text by Rui Afonso Santos). []

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