Artwork Title: Wind from the Sea - Artist Name: Andrew Wyeth

Wind from the Sea

Andrew Wyeth, 1947

Completed early in the artist’s career, the painting captured the moment when an ocean breeze flowing through an open window gently lifted tattered curtains. During the course of the next 60 years, Wyeth returned repeatedly to the subject of windows, producing more than 300 works on this theme. Spare and elegant, these paintings are free of the narrative element associated with the artist’s better-known figural compositions... "Over the course of his career, the 20th century American artist Andrew Wyeth created 300 drawings and paintings of windows that are more about the people looking out them than the views they depict.... Wyeth’s windows brim with the quiet strength of the people absent from their frames. That’s especially true of “Wind from the Sea,” painted in 1947 at his wife’s friend Christina Olson’s farmhouse. The artist had been staring..."
windwindowlace curtainamericanlandscaperealismclassical realismtempera on hardboardfabric

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