Artwork Title: The Drawing Room (The Drawing Room at Townshend House) - Artist Name: Anna Alma-Tadema

The Drawing Room (The Drawing Room at Townshend House)

Anna Alma-Tadema, 1885

The name on these artworks were A. Alma-Taldema....Anna Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence's daughter. And these watercolors were done when she was a teenager. [] Anna Alma-Tadema enjoyed some success as an artist, particularly during the time that her father was also alive. Like her stepmother Laura, Anna also exhibited at the Royal Academy and other international exhibitions. Anna was a talented artist with an eye for fine detail, which allowed her to create some beautiful paintings of domestic interiors full of exotic and luxurious items. One watercolor, The Drawing Room, was created when Anna was a teenager. This painting was exhibited in the Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. I think it is easy to see how Anna’s taste for luxury and exoticism fits with the aesthetic of her father’s romanticized and orientalist paintings. []
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