Artwork Title: Grip (Bull Terrier) - Artist Name: Anne Arnold

Grip (Bull Terrier)

Anne Arnold, 1978

24 x 34 x 10 inch
Grip is all attention, or maybe he's actually posing for this portrait. When I first saw this sculpture, I immediately thought of the dog in Little Rascals, the white dog with a circle around his eye. It turns out that Pete the dog was a succession of American pit bull terriers, so I was correct in seeing the resemblance. Although Arnold's sculpture is simplified compared to the heightened specificity of Stubbs' paintings, it is still accurate in form and feeling, and so sensitive to personality. For as we know, animals are as varied in their characters as humans, and every bit as worthy of commemoration in portraiture. []
dogfemale artistsculptureacrylic on terra cotta

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