Artwork Title: Birthmarks and chesthair - Artist Name: Annemarie Busschers

Birthmarks and chesthair

Annemarie Busschers

The art of portraiture has a well-known commission culture, where status, embellishment – and thus avoiding imperfections and emotions – are common. Busschers has chosen a different approach in her portraits, by focusing on the personal and characteristic elements of the person portrayed. The person’s uniqueness and individuality play a positive and determining role. She researches the defining events in the life of the person. People initially judge each other by their skin, and therefore Busschers focuses mainly on that skin. Due to the size of her portraits, a confrontation between the artwork and the viewer is inevitable – the portrait demands one’s attention and captures it. The viewer can’t walk away! Yet her work lacks the acute sharpness of the hyper-realistic portraits. Busschers concentrates on the characteristics that make a person unique. Therefore, she sometimes uses abstractions, or chooses not to include details on parts of her work at all. To enhance the expressiveness and importance of the skin of the person portrayed, Busschers uses a variety of techniques and carefully selected colours, and she works in multiple layers, consisting of different materials. She is constantly looking for change. As a result, the viewer’s natural distance to the portrait is reduced to a minimum, an intimacy normally only reserved for lovers. (
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