Artwork Title: Untitled - Artist Name: Anto Carte


Anto Carte

During my last lecture in the academic hall of the University of Mons, at the Polytechnic Faculty, I was seduced and moved, by the magnificent lighting of the monumental stairwell enhanced by an impressive stained glass honoring one of the activities that are among the most developed in Belgium in the past, coal mining and mining. How many miners, Belgians and foreigners, how many workers and employees have lived in the shadow of slag heaps? How many victims of firedamp and accidents of all kinds? Montois, Liégeois, or Caroloregians, all those in Wallonia and Flanders who have lived on charcoal, all deserve our highest esteem. I had planned to present it to you, that's it, it's done ... it's also a way to pay tribute to my paternal ancestors, grandfather and great-grandfather whom I knew very little. Below, the notice that accompanies the work. "Commissioned in the 1920s by the coal mines of Hensies - Pommeroeul, the stained glass windows made by F.P. Colpaert following the cartoons of Anto Carte, decorated the shower room at the Sartys well." [Google translation of text in French at]
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