Artwork Title: The Point Wharf, Mosman Bay

The Point Wharf, Mosman Bay, 1893

Arthur Streeton

Sydney became Streeton’s subject. The bravura of his crisp brushwork and his trademark blue, the blue that he had used at Heidelberg, were perfectly suited to registering images of the bustling activity on Sydney’s blue harbour. Diagonal strokes of deeper pigment sweep across the blue of the water in Streeton’s The Point Wharf, Mosman Bay, 1893, suggesting the shadows cast by the gentle movement of the water. The light reflecting off the sun-bleached sandstone on the shore is translated into passages of golden yellow pigment over the blue of the water. The ferry, belching rosy smoke from its funnel, signals the energy and activity of the harbour. Strokes of pigment have been applied rapidly, the shifting image of water and light fixed on the canvas with assurance and an economy of means. (
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