Artwork Title: Delfina Playing the Guitar

Delfina Playing the Guitar, 1936

Bernard Boutet De Monvel

The artist's Chilian wife, Delfina, playing the guitar, possibly for some friends, by the chimney where the Maharajah of Indore stood a few years earlier, for the 1929 portrait. She is wearing a beautiful Cartier bracelet. Executed in 1936, the painting was exhibited the next year in Florida. Very fond of this portrait, Bernard Boutet de Monvel chose to keep it in his house, the Folie Monvel, in Palm Beach. A shell bunch is on the chimney. ( Delfina Edwards Bello comes from the prestigious Edwards family in Chili. Her brother Joaquìn Edwards Bello was a famous writer. She married Bernard Boutet de Monvel in 1921, after they met through the artist's brother, Roger, in Biarrtiz in 1917. The same year, Vogue chose to write an article on her taste for grand French designers. (
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