Artwork Title: Required Reading

Required Reading, 1900

Carl Larsson

It would altogether be difficult to find a painter or more delightful home for an artist than Carl Larsson’s; the house is old, but he has almost completely transformed it in accordance with his own original taste. He has himself done most of the decoration; gay colors and quaint and wise old sayings, in quaint old letters, abound; in one room a red four poster adorns the center of the room, in another the bed is completely hidden away behind the old paneling; but everything is pretty cosy, and artistic. And in this house Carl Larsson lives a happy, though by no means a lazy life, with his Karin and their seven children – strong, healthy, good looking youngsters in whose doings the whole of Sweden takes an interest. Carl Larsson has, through his work, taken all his countrymen and countrywomen into his confidence, and they appreciate the compliment. They know how sweet Karin looked as a bride... (
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