Artwork Title: Polaroid - Artist Name: Carlo Mollino


Carlo Mollino

Neglected during his lifetime, Mollino’s work is now coveted by collectors. One reason is obvious — what Ms. Antonelli calls his “frisson.” Single and childless, Mollino devoted his life to his obsessions. He completed the 24-hour race at Le Mans in a car of his own design.... An avid skier, he pioneered new techniques of downhill racing and wrote a book on the sport, as well as one on the history of photography. He produced hundreds of his female nudes from the 1930s onward to add to his vast collection of erotica. Fascinated by new photographic techniques, Mollino switched to a Polaroid camera in 1963, when his images became more sexually explicit. He conceived each one as an erotic fantasy and dictated every detail: directing the models (most of whom he had hired for the purpose and only photographed once) as well as designing the clothes, sets, props and garçonnières, the last of which is now the museum. []

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