Artwork Title: Salon Rose Croix (Poster) - Artist Name: Carlos Schwabe

Salon Rose Croix (Poster)

Carlos Schwabe, 1892

Schwabe created an important watercolor that was the modele of a lithographic poster for the 1892 Salon de la Rose + Croix, the first of six exhibitions organized by Joséphin Péladan that demonstrated the Rosicrucian tendencies of French Symbolism. Schwabe's poster depicted in shades of blue an initiation rite—three women ascending toward spiritual salvation—and is an exemplar of Rosicrucian art. [] This poster advertises an exhibition of paintings at the Salon Rose Croix in Paris. Carlos Schwabe showed paintings at the first Salon de la Rose Croix exhibition in 1892. The group was founded by Joséphin Péladan (1858-1918). The aim was to promote, through the arts, the causes of Roman Catholicism and anti-materialism. In the poster, the woman in black has broken her shackles, in a rejection of the material world. The woman in white, symbolising Faith, reaches out to help her ascend a staircase to heaven. The poster is framed with a rose and crucifix motif (the Rose Croix). It is restrained in composition, color and lettering, reflecting the precepts of the Salon. []
posterwomenrosicruciancolor lithographillustration

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