Artwork Title: Mayan Girl, Chiapas, Mexico - Artist Name: Carol Yarrow

Mayan Girl, Chiapas, Mexico

Carol Yarrow

One Mahogany Left Standing collects photographs made by Yarrow during several trips to southern Mexico in the mid-1990s. During early tourist visits Yarrow became interested in the Lacandón, a loosely descended tribe of Mayan natives living traditionally the forested Chiapas region. She camped near the Lacandón settlement of Naha, gradually befriended some of them, extended her stays, and over the course of several years became more involved in their lives. The 31 pictures in the book were made on many trips from roughly 1993-2002. Yarrow's visits to the Lacandón coincided with a time of rapid change in their culture, as the homogenizing impact of outside intrusions accelerated. The changes were perhaps most noticeable on a physical level — the title refers directly to local deforestation as mahogany is the traditional wood for their canoes — but also in all sorts of more subtle ways. Beginning in... []
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