Artwork Title: Man and Woman on the Beach, Provincetown

Man and Woman on the Beach, Provincetown, 1916

Charles Demuth

In the summer of 1914, many New York artists flocked to Provincetown, Massachusetts, prompted by the war in Europe to find a domestic retreat. This Cape Cod village had been adopted by a group of writers and playwrights several years earlier, and was fast becoming a lively creative community. The bohemian atmosphere of Greenwich Village was cultivated here each summer, attracting many notable visitors, including Stuart Davis, Marsden Hartley, Eugene O'Neill and Charles Demuth. In 1916, Demuth and Hartley spent what Hartley would later call "The Great Provincetown Summer" as houseguests of John Reed (the socialist who had just returned from Mexico where he had interviewed Pancho Villa) and his future wife, Louise Bryant. Eugene O'Neill lived across the street in a fisherman's shack. Demuth also returned there late in his life, staying the entire summer in 1934. He returned to figural subjects in the Provincetown setting, creating some of... (
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