Artwork Title: Stairway to the Studio - Artist Name: Charles Sheeler

Stairway to the Studio

Charles Sheeler, 1924

Stairway to the Studio, 1924. Black chalk and matte opaque paint (possibly casein) on laid paperSheeler owned a farmhouse in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, about 39 miles outside Philadelphia. He shared it with his longtime friend the artist Morton Schamberg (1881–1918), who died in the influenza epidemic of 1918.[4] He was so fond of the home's 19th century stove that he called it his "companion" and made it a subject of his photographs. The farmhouse serves a prominent role in many of his photographs, including shots of the bedroom and kitchen and stairway. At one point he was quoted as calling it "my cloister." Sheeler painted using a technique that complemented his photography. He was a self-proclaimed Precisionist, a term that emphasized the linear precision he employed in his depictions. As in his photographic works, his subjects were generally material things such as machinery and structures. He was hired by the Ford Motor Co. to photograph and make paintings of their factories. (
interiorstairsblack chalkon laid papermatte opaque paint (possibly casein)

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