Artwork Title: Woman with a Parasol–Madame Monet and Her Son (La Promenade) - Artist Name: Claude Monet

Woman with a Parasol–Madame Monet and Her Son (La Promenade)

Claude Monet, 1875

39 x 32 inch
Sometimes known as The Stroll (French: La Promenade). The Impressionist work depicts Monet's wife Camille and their son Jean in the period from 1871-77 while they were living in Argenteuil, capturing a moment on a stroll on a windy summer's day. Monet's light, spontaneous brushwork creates splashes of color. Mrs Monet's veil is blown by the wind, as is her billowing white dress; the waving grass of the meadow is echoed by the green underside of her parasol. She is seen as if from below, with a strong upward perspective, against fluffy white clouds in an azure sky. A boy, the Monets' 7-year-old son, is placed further away, concealed behind a rise in the ground and visible only from the waist up, creating a sense of depth. The work is a genre painting of an everyday family scene, not a formal portrait. The work was painted outdoors, en plein air, and quickly, probably in a single period of a few hours. []
artists sonartists wifemother and childparasoloil on canvas

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