Artwork Title: Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) - Artist Name: David Hockney

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)

David Hockney, 1971

In the foreground, on the left-hand side, we can see a swimming pool with a swimmer. The water is really clear with a transparent effect. We can observe 2 slightly different shades of blue. The movement of water is symbolized by curved white lines. On the right-hand side, Peter Schlesinger, in a red suit, stands pool side. He is looking at the swimmer but doesn’t look expressive. In the middle distance and in the background, nature and green colors are dominant. It’s really verdant. In the vegetation we also have touches of ochre. However, the background is drabber as if it is foggy. It represents different hills and mountains that David Hockney could have seen in the south of France. A horizontal line divides the canvas into 2 parts ; the bottom part is composed with geometric shapes. The swimmer represents a horizontal line too whereas Peter Schlesinger, figure draws...(Much more @
acrylic on canvas

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