Artwork Title: Steps with Shadow F (Paper Pool 2)

Steps with Shadow F (Paper Pool 2), 1978

David Hockney

David Hockney's Paper Pools, a sustained series of works made from colored and pressed paper pulp, were made between August and October 1978 during 6 weeks of feverish activity at Tyler Graphics Ltd, the studios near Mount Kisco, NY, run by the master printer Kenneth Tyler; the artist had previously worked with him on lithographs at his Gemini workshop in Los Angeles. During this brief period he produced 29 separate images, some in multiple versions, beginning with single-sheet images such as those presented here before eventually expanding to the 12 conjoined sheets of Le Plongeur (Paper Pool 18, in the collection of Cartwright Hall, Bradford) and A Large Diver (Paper Pool 27), each of which measures 183 x 434 cm. overall. The entire group of pictures, in a medium recently devised by Tyler and used by Hockney only this one time in his life during an extraordinary burst of creative energy, came about spontaneously... []
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