Artwork Title: The Whole Enchilada - Artist Name: Dylan Schwartz

The Whole Enchilada

Dylan Schwartz

Dylan Schwartz has traveled around the world shooting beautiful images from sky-high. But it's his hometown of Los Angeles that brings him back down to earth time and time again. Although most of his views of the City of Angels are consistent with his other photographs — taken from the cockpit of a helicopter — the L.A. images translate into something more. From downtown to Venice Beach, Chinatown to Joshua Tree a few hours away, even if you're never been to Los Angeles, Schwartz's photos invite viewers to join him in is love for the West Coast metropolis … smog and all. After countless inquiries about his secret magical photo recipe, Schwartz revealed his weapon camera of choice and shared an achievement on Instagram. "I get asked a lot of questions about which camera and lenses I use. And for the last few years, my answer has always been Sony," he recently captioned a beautiful pic of the city at dusk. [
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