Artwork Title: Le Déjeuner Sur L'herbe (Luncheon On The Grass) - Artist Name: Édouard Manet

Le Déjeuner Sur L'herbe (Luncheon On The Grass)

Édouard Manet,

Manet and Baudelaire met around 1860. And a “strong affinity” brought them together until the death of the author of the Flowers of Evil.... It matters little in the end that Baudelaire never openly acknowledged Manet as “the painter of modern life”, the expression he applied to the illustrator Constantin Guys. When Victorine Meurent suddenly appeared in his pictures, as a singer fallen on hard times or a shameless bather, Manet, the creator of Luncheon on the Grass found a way of painting in the present moment, of combining this new prosaicism o fsubject with the spontaneity of photography and the depth of classical painting. An imaginative world, and even a certain style of drawing, finally linked poet and painter. From Spanish dancers and the doomed woman to queens of the night, the continuity speaks for itself, and would stay with “the painter of the black cat” for a longtime. []

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