Artwork Title: Gas

Gas, 1940

Edward Hopper

Getting some gas in the twilight zone with Edward Hopper While this might look like that all-American 40s/50s gas station around the corner it is not. Or maybe it is, who knows? Hopper claims this was totally improvised and it isn’t based on any gas station in particular. But we’ve all learned a lesson or two from Matt Groenig lying to us that Springfield was to represent “anytown” and then it turns out Springfield actually is real! Edward’s wife Jo wrote about the painting in a letter to Edwards sister Marion: “Ed is about to start a canvas - the effect of night on a gasoline station…” Well if eerie was what he was going for, he nailed it. I’d say there are three subjects Ed likes to cover, solitary people, melancholy and the lonely road. Gas has all three of ‘em! Yet, it’s kind of confusing. The guy doesn't look like he works at the gas farm. I mean, aren’t those guys supposed to wear grease stained overalls... Silke van de Grift []
Uploaded on Oct 6, 2013 by Margarita Oh

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