Artwork Title: Rich’s House - Artist Name: Edward HopperArtwork Title: Rich’s House - Artist Name: Edward Hopper

Rich’s House, 1930

Edward Hopper

Rich’s House was painted in 1930, which was a pivotal year for Edward Hopper (1882-1967). The artist and his wife Josephine visited South Truro, Cape Cod, for the first time. The area’s landscapes and buildings soon became the artist’s principal source of inspiration. The Hoppers built their own summer house there four years later, and returned to South Truro every summer for the rest of their lives. Hopper would often paint from his car, using the distance between the road and the subject to fill his pictures. Indeed, it has been suggested that Rich’s House could be a view of the farm as seen from Hopper’s car mirror, particularly as delicate folds in the edges of the work’s paper indicate that it was painted over a board in situ. ‘Hopper embeds the picture with a characteristic tension and distinct feeling of isolation,’ says Haydock. ‘Perhaps just as importantly, he concentrates on the patterning of light and shadow, a key element seen in many of his most accomplished works.’ []


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