Artwork Title: Star of Bethlehem - Artist Name: Elihu Vedder

Star of Bethlehem

Elihu Vedder, 1879

Three figures on camels overlook the path before them, while three shepherd/guides ahead and three behind also survey what lies ahead. Color can be seen in the distance in the green of trees. Above them the sky contrasts what is seen below with a bright light that illuminates the sky. There is a sense of anticipation created by figures that can be seen in the clouds, standing there, backs slightly hunched as they look down upon the earth. The supernatural edge of the painting given by the cloud figures is an interesting twist to the painting. This element wasn’t uncommon for Vedder’s works. Another of his paintings Pleiades, in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, depicts seven robed women dancing in the sky, waving what appear to be long cords or fuses with sparkling lit ends, brings to life an imagining of the Greek myth about the constellation.... []

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