Artwork Title: Light of Kabbalah - Artist Name: Emma Watkinson

Light of Kabbalah

Emma Watkinson

Version 1. Inspired by reading Mystical Kabbalah by Dion Fortune, & time spent living in Jerusalem many years ago. A vertical Triptych, it illustrates the Tree of Life, inherent in its shape. Light emanates from pure oneness above, then lightning strikes the first Sephiroth with pure masculine energy, & is recieved by the archetypal womb sphere, Binah. Across the abyss, the 2nd panel, is Adam Kadamon, the central 6 sephiroth. Jupiter & Mars above, Tiphareth is central, beauty , selfless giving & harmony. Balanced by Venus on the right, Love & emotion, & Mercury on the left, intellect & magic. The energy flows down into the realm of dreams in yesod, then, over another veil, the 3rd panel, into Gaia, Malkuth, the bride of Adam, manifest earth. It's been a super cosmic journey meditating & exploring these Archetypes. I feel Kabbalah charts the manifestation of Spirit into matter, & also the evolution of consciousness from matter to spirit. See this piece at Fractal Planet..( appropriate name eh…) & a sneak preview at the Cre8 gallery part of Hackney Wicked Arts festival this weekend. The journey continues…. (
female artistkabbalahoil on canvas and digital remix

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