Artwork Title: Untitled - Artist Name: Estella Canziani


Estella Canziani

This watercolor study, reproduced in "Abruzzi" (p.100) shows: earrings (i), gold beads with pendants, (ii) and types of gold beads (iii) Birmingham Museums have substantial collections of related jewellery collected by Estella Canziani on her traveling trips in Italy and elsewhere. [] Estella Canziani, daughter of the English painter Louisa Starr and an Italian engineer, was an accomplished artist and fascinated by the traditional costumes, customs and folklore that were rapidly disappearing with the dawn of the 20th century. Her collection of artifacts, costumes, stories and legends together with the paintings and drawings she made are an invaluable record of the people of England, France and Italy amongst whom she lived. One hundred years after their first publication, the books of Estella Canziani are still in print and her illustrations are always sought after by collectors and historians. []
beadsearringsjewelrywatercolor and bodycolor on blue paper

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