Artwork Title: Super Plant

Super Plant, 1994

Fred Tomaselli

"There’s a lot of influences in the work that came out of psychedelia and the kitsch that was a part of psychedelia - the album covers and all that hippy stuff that I grew up with. But it also was a gateway into Islamic art and Persian art, into Rajasthani miniatures and folk art. There’s one work in particular, Super Plant, that oscillates between Rajasthani miniatures and the Shaker tree of life, between and eastern mysticism and Americana. Those things are part of the work, but I don’t necessarily think of them as psychedelic. They’re just deep art history. So much of what constitutes the post-modernist production that’s so groovy right now maybe goes back to Duchamp. Warhol and Duchamp seem to be the operative influences on so much contemporary discourse; I just wanted to go a little further into history. But then people dismiss the work and call me a psychedelic artist, so what are you going to do? (
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