Artwork Title: Self Portrait With Cropped Hair - Artist Name: Frida Kahlo

Self Portrait With Cropped Hair

Frida Kahlo, 1940

15 x 11 inch
This was Frida's first self portrait after the divorce from her husband Diego. In place of the feminine clothes seen in most of her self portraits, Frida appears dressed in a large dark man's suit, probably one of Diego's. She has just cut off her long hair that Diego admired so much. In her left hand she holds a lock of her shorn hair like an emblem of her sacrifice. In her right hand, she holds the scissors with which she martyred her femininity. Strands of hair are everywhere as if they had a life of their own. Surrounded by the evidence of her act, she sits along in a vast expanse of uninhabited space that suggests the depth of her despair. The verse of a song painted across the top of the portrait points to the reason behind this act of self-mutilation: "See, if I loved you, it was for your hair, now you're bald, I don't love you any more.". After the divorce, Frida decided to renounce the feminine image demanded of her. She cut off... []
chairself portraitautodidactfemale artistscissorsself taughtmans suitoil on canvas

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