Artwork Title: Two Fridas - Artist Name: Frida Kahlo

Two Fridas

Frida Kahlo, 1939

The self portrait The Two Fridas is one of Kahlo‘s most notable and recognized works. Depicting two versions of Frida Kahlo seated together, the painting symbolizes her pain during her divorce from Diego Rivera and the subsequent transitioning of her novel identity. Frida on the right is wearing a white European-style dress, a costume she donned before her marriage to Rivera. During their marriage, she started to explore the traditional Mexican heritage. Thus, the other Frida is depicted in the traditional Mexican costume. This painting also symbolizes her dual cultural heritage. The bleeding heart emphasizes her emotional and physical pain. The blood is a recurring symbol in her work, and it often gestures her ambivalent attitude towards accepted notions of womanhood and fertility. (
double portraitfemale artistself portraitdouble self portraitheartscissors

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