Artwork Title: Autumn of the Ancestors (Adam and Eve)

Autumn of the Ancestors (Adam and Eve), 1997-2000

Geliy Korzhev

The painting "Autumn of the Ancestors (Adam and Eve)" (1997-2000) depicts Adam and Eve in age. "Expelled from Paradise, doomed to live a mortal and wandering life on earth, they have kept a great human love, which has helped them overcome everything and gives them the strength to go on living," was the artist's explanation of his conception. ...To enhance the sense of verisimilitude, the artist often introduces still-life motifs, such as the images of everyday objects - earthenware pots, field bags, bast shoes, as well as portraits, as in "Autumn of the Ancestors (Adam and Eve)" (1997-2000) and "Mary with Child" (1999). This approach helps Korzhev to bring the biblical images tangibly closer to the viewer and make them more understandable. ( ...The other paintings in the cycle are similarly uncanonical, filled instead with the artist's personal feelings. In "Autumn of the Ancestors (Adam and Eve)" (1997-2000, private collection, USA), Adam's facial features recall those of the artist Alexei Gritsai, a close friend of Korzhev's. In Korzhev's work, the wisdom and humility of biblical characters are acquired not merely by God's will, but as the result of a life lived with integrity. (
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