Artwork Title: Lunch

Lunch, 1964

George Tooker

Lunch is an indirect reference to the contentious lunch counter sit-ins occurring across the nation during the 1960s, but its pale palette and dull figures have none of the heated passion so often associated with them in real life. Instead, Tooker’s figures all bear an uncanny resemblance to each other and eat their identical lunches with identical motions. Can you locate the African-American man in this painting? Does he appear integrated or isolated from his fellow diners? ( Modernity's anonymity, mass-production, and fast pace are cast under an unforgiving, bleak, shadow-less light that conveys a sense of foreboding and isolation....This precise geometric architecture, constructed to serve the subjects, physically dominates them. Tooker saw modern society as behaving in this same way. Modern life becomes a prison of soulless ritual devoid of individuality... (
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