Artwork Title: Miss Helene Beauclerk

Miss Helene Beauclerk, 1914

George Washington Lambert

The British writer Helen de Vere Beauclerk (1892–1969) was born Helen Mary Dorothea Bellingham.... Lambert captured Helen Beauclerk’s face brilliantly, suggesting the pulsating life under her skin. He reminded viewers of her physicality by showing her putting on her gloves, one bare hand stroking down a gloved index finger on the other hand. At the time that he painted this portrait Lambert began to emphasize the hands of his sitters, which he invested with a degree of nervous energy, as he did in this painting. As well as creating a likeness of his fascinating subject, Lambert was interested in the beauty and texture of the whole of his paint surface. The background is thinly painted in expressive dabs in many colors, including chrome yellow, blue, purple and black. Contemporary critics appreciated the... []
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