Artwork Title: Pelvis With The Distance

Pelvis With The Distance, 1943

Georgia O'Keeffe

In Pelvis with Distance, an enormous skeletal form rises majestically from the flat foreground. In the distance, a mountain range defines a low horizon line. O’Keeffe’s radical distortion of scale and perspective is striking in this painting. The foreground is dominated by the bone’s elegant contours, exemplifying O’Keeffe’s genius for capturing the essential forms of nature. O’Keeffe wrote to collector Caroline Marmon Fesler about her bone series, “It is a kind of thing that I do that makes me feel I am going off into space – in a way that I like – and that frightens me a little because it is so unlike what anyone else is doing – I always feel that sometime I may fall off the edge – it is something I like so much to do that I don’t care if I do fall off the edge.” (
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