Artwork Title: Turned Sheet - Artist Name: Gerhard Richter

Turned Sheet

Gerhard Richter, 1965

9 x 7 inch
Catalog of works: 70-1 ( Umgeschlagene Blätter relates to several series of works from the mid- to late-1960s that he calls his Constructions, in which a photo-like illusionism was created without the help of a direct photographic prototype.... Doors, windows, corrugated iron, curtains, and in this of case, paper, were all rendered in the continuous grayscale of black and white photography with lifelike verisimilitude. Empty, minimal, and noncommittal, Umgeschlagene Blätter (Turned Sheets) is one of Gerhard Richter's boldest statements on the fictive nature of representation. Painted in 1965, this stark trompe l'oeil image of furling paper belongs to the earliest phase of Richter's mature oeuvre. It dates from the high point of the artist's Pop... (
oil on canvas

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