Artwork Title: Eroe morto, c.1878 - Artist Name: Giovanni SegantiniArtwork Title: Eroe morto, c.1878 - Artist Name: Giovanni Segantini

Eroe morto, c.1878

Giovanni Segantini

A testimony to his early work is this drawing of the dead hero, which Prof. dr. Annie-Paule Quinsac identified as a signed work by Giovanni Segantini. The drawing belongs to a group of 5 works in paper, all of which have a compositionally adapted form referring to the painting "L'eroe morto" (the painting is now in the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen). In her report, Annie-Paule Quinsac emphasizes that the drawing presented here is the first draft of this composition and, as the first version, even dates back to the painting. Unmistakable is the artistic reference to Mategna's "Cristo Morto", which the young artist studied after studying at the Accademia in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. It is conceivable that the artist made our drawing in the presence of the painting by Mantegna. The result, however, was not meticulous copying of the picture. Rather, Giovanni Segantini was inspired... (


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