Artwork Title: In The Realms of the Unreal - Artist Name: Henry Darger

In The Realms of the Unreal

Henry Darger

Part of The Story of the Vivian Girls, In What Is Known As the Realms Of The Unreal, Of the Glandeco-Angelinian War Storm, Caused by The Child Slave Rebellion. When Darger was 16, he ran away from an asylum work program and made his way back to the Chicago area where he was born. He got a job as a hospital janitor and never had art training. This piece is part of more than 300 intricate watercolors and an illustrated epic fairytale of 15,000 pages, as well as other works. The entire collection was only discovered upon his death in 1973 when his landlord entered his apartment. See the documentary film "In the Realms of the Unreal" by Jessica Yu.
battlefolk artoutsider artgirlwatercolor

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