Artwork Title: Susanna and the Elder - Artist Name: Honoré SharrerArtwork Title: Susanna and the Elder - Artist Name: Honoré Sharrer

Susanna and the Elder, 1983-1984

Honoré Sharrer

A primary concern of the artist was how to deal with what the appearances of things and of people hide. She said: “There are things going on other than what you see. What the eye sees is a kind of realism, but it isn’t everything.” Sharrer uses a number of techniques to bend our eyes and our minds to fathoming out what is being hidden behind what we see. There are unusual colors and color combinations; there is the flatness of the images as though to emphasize a didactic rather than a representational purpose. As subject matter, the artist presents stories which we... Sharrer focuses on suffering in war, the status and freedom of women, and the complexities of the lives of the working class and their unequal access to the cultural goodies. She referred to her naked, satisfyingly-sized women as ‘liberated’. It tends to be the clothed women, no matter how skimpy their clothing, who are not free, autonomous human beings.... []


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