Artwork Title: When Evening Comes

When Evening Comes

Hovsep Pushman

Artwork Title: When Evening ComesArtwork Title: When Evening Comes
In his oriental still life painting, Pushman managed to create an atmosphere of nocturnal and contemplative intimacy through his meticulously arranged objects and their backgrounds. The objects in his paintings were of symbolic and religious importance. His oriental male and female figures represent the legends of the ancient East and Far East. They epitomize the experience of life, which implies a longing for the eternal. These small figures included the Sacred horse, the long robed statuette of a woman, a 6-armed Deity, the Buddha god of peace, the warrior, and the nude female figure which is emerging from her veils that are the Mystery of Life. Other special objects in Pushman's compositions were a 2000 year old iridescent glass pitcher, a lacquered chest, a teakwood box, small carved figures of saints from 13th and 14th century France and ancient Persian plates. The backgrounds usually were rare centuries-old tapestries and textiles.... (
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