Artwork Title: Over Eternal Peace /  Above the Eternal Tranquility - Artist Name: Isaac Ilyich Levitan

Over Eternal Peace / Above the Eternal Tranquility

Isaac Ilyich Levitan, 1894

One of Levitan's most haunting works is Above the Eternal Peace, completed in 1894. The first thing that strikes you about this evocative work is the depiction of an endless landscape. In the background we have a beautiful depiction of threatening heavy grey clouds intermingled with fluffy white ones, all of which are reflected on the still waters of the lake below. In the foreground, sitting isolated on a verdant promontory which juts into the lake, is a small church with its gleaming silver cupola. Behind the church is the graveyard. It is separated from the church by birch trees which have been bent over by strong winds. The graveyard looks abandoned and is rather overgrown; some of the crosses lean over from the constant force of a strong wind which raced unhindered across the exposed promontory. The picture was painted on the shore of Lake Udomlia in Tver province, 250 km north of Moscow. []
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