Artwork Title: Finis Poloniae - Artist Name: Jacek MalczewskiArtwork Title: Finis Poloniae - Artist Name: Jacek Malczewski

Finis Poloniae , 1906

Jacek Malczewski

Can we somehow link these vipers with the snakes sprouting from the head of Medusa? Of course, as much as possible. It suffices to note that one of the snakes is creeping into his chest Jacek Malczewski, under his jacket. This means that the power of vipers thus becomes the power of the artist himself; it appears as if his introduction of asps will be presented later as emerging from Medusa's head. And for what purpose is this viper power used? Well, it explains the white horse behind his back. The horse in general symbolizes Poland, and according to our national mythology, freedom and independence was supposed to come on a white horse. In the mythological circle referred to by Malczewski, while portraying Medusa, however, the horse appears as Pegasus, the son of Medusa and Poseidon. On this Pegasus Perseus, the Medusa killer, will go... (Rough Google translation of text at


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