Artwork Title: Guardians of the Secret - Artist Name: Jackson PollockArtwork Title: Guardians of the Secret - Artist Name: Jackson Pollock

Guardians of the Secret, 1943

Jackson Pollock

...partly indebted to Native American art (Pollock attended the 1941 Indian Art Exhibition at MoMA - he actually visited the show with this Jungian analyst!) and Jungian mythology. Pollock, having grown up in the West, was exposed to Native American art early - at least according to Pollock. In fact, a myth developed around Pollock's childhood in the West... This work was the most startling entry in Jackson Pollock's first show, and it represents the most thoroughgoing synthesis of his themes and influences up to that time. world mythology, Miro, African, American Indian, and prehistoric art were successfully synthesized with Picassoid elements to form a psychologically redolent whole. Its composition once more features an abstracted male and female who now seem to face in toward a figured "canvas" displayed heraldically between them. ( See also: (


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