Artwork Title: Die Kremetartboom (Baobab Tree) - Artist Name: Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef

Die Kremetartboom (Baobab Tree)

Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef, 1934

This painting holds the record for the most expensive South African painting ever sold at R 11.8 million.( $1.4 million in 2008.) This painting is unquestionably Pierneef at his finest. The majestic baobab tree stands proud, dominating the landscape, with the 5 people at the foot of the tree and the signs of human habitation in the background dwarfed by comparison. It is reasonable to assume that The Baobab tree was painted around 1934. It is certainly consistent with Pierneef’s style at the time and there is another painting of a baobab tree painted in1934 which in terms of style and composition is very similar to The baobab tree. The colours used in the painting are naturalistic but with overtones of the symbolic quality that Pierneef also strove for ..... The early influences of Art Nouveau, particularly evident in the tracery of the branches, are here fully assimilated into Pierneef’s mature and assured style. As can so clearly be seen in this
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