Artwork Title: Zomerweelde (Summer Abundance)

Zomerweelde (Summer Abundance), 1910

Jacobus Van Looy

It seems that Van Looy has lavishly sprinkled blue flowers on this big canvas. Upon closer viewing, you notice the artist's house in Soest and the haycarts behind the high hedge on the right and between the flowers, a fallen pot. The painter is clearly inspired by the landscapes of Van Gogh, but his view of nature and lighting is more realistic. (Google translation of text at ... an oil painting by Dutch writer-art painter Jac van Looy, painted around 1900. It shows a field with bright blue lupins, painted in an impressionist style. The canvas has been in the collection of the Rijksmuseum since 2013. It shows an extensive field of blue-purple lupins in early summer. The flower sea fills more than half of the canvas and is optically completely dominant.... a long hedge forms a kind of boundary with the rest of the world. On the horizon is van... (Google translation;
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