Artwork Title: Parsifal - Artist Name: Jean Delville


Jean Delville, 1890

“Jean Delville’s drawing of Parsifal was done around 1885 at the height of the Occult Revival in Europe. In this stylized image, he depicts the secret of the dog-headed clairaudience: the eustacian tubes, columns of air that work like antennae to mediate frequencies beyond the range of normal hearing. He shows the columns shooting down from Parsifal’s ears, and around the head, the horns of clairvoyance, another set of antennae but receptive to light rather than sound, particularly the soft, lunar Organic Light. Delville wanted to depict Parsifal as the example of the trained initiate able to send and receive clairvoyantly and clairaudiently.” ( in [Delville's] oeuvre are two works entitled Parsifal : a charcoal of 1890, and an oil painting of 1894, and a pastel also of 1894 subtitled Parsifal.These early pictures employ concepts and techniques which characterize Delville's subsequent visual and literary works. Equally significant, Delville's Parsifal images portray an ideal which would occupy the artist throughout his lifetime. In the artist's lifelong quest for meaning, Parsifal became a means of self-actualization. (

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