Artwork Title: New York City - Artist Name: Joel MeyerowitzArtwork Title: New York City - Artist Name: Joel Meyerowitz

New York City, 1963

Joel Meyerowitz

A pale woman in a 1963 photograph, her eyes clenched shut, holds a presciently paranoid handwritten sign: “Electronic parts as small as the head of a pin have been made. A camera could go through the hollow of a hollow needle. Soon, ‘Big Brother’ may be able to sit in front of his TV and see or hear.” In other pictures an all-American boy levels a toy pistol at a baby lying in a carriage; Jacqueline Kennedy’s head, on a television, hovers plaintively above a milling crowd; two toy train cars list to the side behind dilapidated houses on a barren Western landscape. “There’s nobody who was doing quite as dramatically as Meyerowitz that kind of guerrilla style of street photography that he carried from the ’60s into the color work of the ’70s and ’80s,” .... “I’ve never understood why he’s never quite gotten his due.” []


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