Artwork Title: The Inevitable - Artist Name: Johan DeckmannArtwork Title: The Inevitable - Artist Name: Johan Deckmann

The Inevitable

Johan Deckmann

...Deckmann has worked as an artist for years, and started doing his book series about a year ago. He finds the books in old bookshops, writes the titles in marker pen, and frames the covers. “As I started to write, it became clear to me that this kind of visual expression was a natural continuation of my way of thinking. Apparently, I’ve got an endless flow of phrases and illustrations, so I’m definitely going to continue making the books,” he says. As well as the books, he creates intriguing sculptures—like a faceless figure dressed in a suit, slumped on a chair, called “Just let It Go, Walter”—and says his future works will also feature words and illustrations on canvas... the fact that many of his ideas are presented as books adds to their charm. After all, who wouldn’t want to know “Smart ways to use poetry in a street fight” or “1001 reasons to stay in bed: secrets of a horizontal lifestyle”? []


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