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“Whether I’m practicing therapy or working as an artist, I’m uncovering some kind of truth and I consider that as a gift. I seek this curiosity, honesty and creativity in everything I do,” ... “I am deeply fascinated by the beauty and irony of being. I believe that humor and honesty are both crucial for a happy and healthy existence. Though many of my works are humorous, my aim is to spotlight the irony and tragic nature of our daily life and what we often do to ourselves. The goal is not only to entertain, but bring awareness and stimulate the imagination of the viewer.” ... “As I see it, the other half of my work happens in the mind of the audience, depending on his or her imagination. Some might experience it as dark or disturbing, with the general theme of sanity vs. insanity, but I’m actually a very positive person, and maybe that’s how I find that balance.” []
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