Artwork Title: Maud Coats

Maud Coats, 1906

John Singer Sargent

Maud Glen Coats, Duchess of Wellington Her husband soiled his family's illustrious name with involvement in Nazi-leaning organizations. According to his Wikipedia article, "...When Archibald Maule Ramsay formed the 'Right Club' in 1939, Wellington chaired its early meetings. Ramsay, describing the Right Club, boasted that 'The main objective was to oppose and expose the activities of organized Jewry.' On the day that World War II broke out, The Duke of Wellington was quoted as blaming the conflict on 'anti-appeasers and the f______ Jews.'" Duchess Maud dresses with a fichu [a large, square kerchief worn by women to fill in the low neckline of a bodice] filling in the scoop neckline of her delightful white dress punctuated with an orange waist band that creates a double vee waistline. Her dress has a pouch-like blouson bodice. (
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